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Freelance WordPress developer, building custom WordPress themes from Figma designs.


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  • Congleton Decorators

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  1. 1 Email me your Figma link and I'll scan through the designs. Also send any brief / comments so I can properly understand the project and what's required.

  2. 2Once analysed, I'll email you back with any questions, a fixed price quote and completion deadline. I'll wrap everything into a proposal for clarity.

  3. 3Next, I like to spend a day planning the entire theme on Trello, see template here, and creating a dedicated Slack channel for the project. I'll invite you to both once ready.

  4. 4After planning, I'll start development, I use ACF Pro, TailwindCSS and plain JavaScript. I also update Trello as I go along, so you can see live progress of the build.

  5. 5Completing development, I then test the theme on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I'll also create a dev site that mirrors the designs and a list on Trello for you to log any amends you'd like to make for up to a week.

  6. 6Party popper Once final amends are implemented we can sign off. I'll keep the dev site up, if you prefer. I'll provide repo access, exports and a handover covering how to use the theme.