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American soccer magazine for over ten years transitioned to online-only. I helped convert their bold new web designs to a WordPress website that allowed for exclusive content and an elegantly displayed magazine interface for a myriad of devices.

Overall, the process took 15 working days including the migration of their current archives.


Online form

Submission form that allows the user to view exclusive content. Once submitted, the users email address is added to a mailchimp mailing list and the form is hidden indefinitely.

The contact form 7 plugin with the Mailchimp extention was used for functionality.

Online form

An entirely fluid grid system built with TailwindCSS utility classes. Controlling layout with flexbox and spacing with margin and padding.

Search filters

Intuitive archive filters that utilise the default query string. A JavaScript method appends the query string parameter, chosen by the select menu, to the current URL and refreshes the page.

On page load, content has been populated natively using the WordPress loop, requiring no other dependancies.

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