Top 4 resources to learn git

From beginning my front-end journey I’ve found Git to be the most invaluable piece of software to use. Just thought I’d compile a list of links that will help you learn git with ease.


1. Git-scm

Although very verbose this website covers everything you need to know about git and provides a very in depth insight into every aspect. So, if you’re more of a reader, I recommend this resource.

2. Github

If you’re just starting out you’ll only need to know the fundamental git commands that are used most of the time by most developers. This link provides you with a brief description of each command.

3. YoutTube

If you’re like me you’re more of a visual learner and prefer to watch videos, the above YouTube video consolidates all the essentials to get you started with Git.

4. Atlassian

Another one of my favourite resources is the Git tutorials Atlassian provides. They use custom graphics to explain every stage of the Git process which is comforting and even enabled me to learn the more complex aspects of GIT like gitflow.


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