Most of my projects have been built under an NDA however, below is a showcase of some of most recent projects that I can show



AX is a full page static landing page concept I built utilising ParcelJS. It’s suitable for Photographers or anyone wanting to showcase their snaps. The primary goal here was to create a simple and intuitive showcase with the focal point on the images.

roots sage


Minicaso is a sleek online store built with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. The client insisted on having a very minimal look that only displayed the necessities. Thus, I stuck with a professional black and white theme with the occasional splash of blue. Also, I utilised Roots sage to reduce the development time, so I could focus more on optimisation.


This Conscious Life

After a WordPress update the entire website’s content simply disappeared. My job was to restore all the content. After investigating and hoping not to repopulate everything, it turns out the ACF fields were reset in the WordPress backend. I restored everything by recreating all the ACF fields based on the exact names used in theme files . Thus, reconnecting all the data stored in these fields originally.

roots sage

Future Visual

A company devoted to implementing VR & AR needed a simple and elegant website to promote their company. After a discussion and the need to consistently change content, we decided on building a bespoke WordPress theme utilising wprig.