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Harlem Capital

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A venture capital firm based in New York, USA that are investing in over 1,000 diverse founders over 20 years.

I helped transition their modern Figma designs to a WordPress theme in 15 working days.


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Perpetual rotating carousel powered by Slick.js and some creative CSS.

Fundamentally Slick.js doesn't support this feature but with a little help from, I managed to accomplish the continous scroll affect the client desired.

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Archive templates fueled by React.js to add elegant and swift content loading.

After witnessing the instant content loading on another website, the client wanted to recreate it but add a little flare. Therefore, I paired React.js with the React-spring animation library to load content in fast with a fade in transition.

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Instant image changing when hovering over article links.

The src attribute of the image on the left changes to the corresponding article's featured image.

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DRY mobile menu.

I simply restyled the desktop version as opposed to the conventional method of duplicating the menu mark up for mobile devices.


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