Captain's cotton

Captain's cotton is a e-commerce website that sells handcrafted dog bandanas. They craft the bandanas from a variety of patterned fabrics, with each bandana being available in 4 different sizes. Major credit to Natalie Potts for designing the logo.

This project was unique in that I designed and developed the whole website, building everything in just 2 days. It took only one short day to gather the current branding and digital assets and plug them into a nice, minimal e-commere experience. Leaving just one day to convert the web designs to a WooCommerce WordPress theme.

I used the open source EXO UI kit by the talented Anthony Choren to achieve a great looking UI in very limited time. Specifically, I used the footer and card components from his UI kit and altered the colours to match Captain's Cotton's branding.

Stack:Roots Sage, ACF Pro & TailwindCSS



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