Best books to help you learn HTML & CSS

If you’re just starting out in web development I feel your pain. So much to learn, don’t know what to learn and most of all don’t know the best place to learn it. All developers have been there, or at least I have. Below I’ve listed 2 books that helped me kick-start my learning in web development.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Baillie, this is the web, online, why on earth would you recommend books when there’s so many free resources online’. I agree, but one thing I’ve found daunting when scouring the web is the complete ambiguity of it. One developers does it this way, another developer does it that way, quick fixes here and there, surely there’s some standard? This is where the below books come in handy, they were written by developers with years and years of experience in the industry and have probably spent years consolidating and confining all their knowledge into a nicely compact A4 to A5 size book.

One great aspect from learning by the book is it helps you grasp the fundamentals, as regardless of the new fancy CSS utility library that’s circulating around, the fundamentals will always remain the same and act as a foundation for you to build on. These are two books that helped me back in 2016, CSS positioning was my first major obstacle when learning CSS, thank you to Jon Ducket I finally wrapped my head around it.


The internet has a lot of ambiguity, books have consolidated well defined information to teach you the fundamentals of the topic you’re trying to learn. Below are two examples of books that helped me learn HTML & CSS when I started in 2016.

1. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by John Duckett

Probably one of the most visually appealing books I’ve ever read. It’s the type of book you’d buy regardless of the content. John Duckett doesn’t fall short in providing a grand insight into the fundamentals of HTML & CSS with this beauty. Also, his vast experience of design shines through in this series of books by Jon, with consistent graphic illustrations to help you properly understand, couldn’t recommend it more.

2. HTML & CSS: A Beginner’s Guide by Mitesh Dabhi

Much less verbose than Jon Duckett’s HTML & CSS guide but nevertheless gets straight to the point and teaches you the fundamentals to help you construct your very first website. I recall buying this the first day I started o learn HTML & CSS, I went through it in one sitting. It’s a great guide to refer back to in case you forget the basics.


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