Baillie O’Grady

I’m a freelance WordPress Developer from Manchester, with over 4 years experience in web development.

I specialise and thrive in converting designs to optimised, responsive and fast loading websites. I mostly build bespoke WordPress themes these days but I’m also delving into Tailwind CSS and GatsbyJS.

When not glued to a computer screen coding I like to help out on youtube, play guitar, blast a bit of Oasis and document my journey on Instagram.




AX is a full page static landing page concept I built utilising ParcelJS. It’s suitable for Photographers or anyone wanting to showcase their snaps. The primary goal here was to create a simple and intuitive showcase with the focal point on the images.


Minicaso is a sleek online store built with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. The client insisted on having a very minimal look that only displayed the necessities. Thus, I stuck with a professional black and white theme with the occasional splash of blue. Also, I utilised Roots sage to reduce the development time, so I could focus more on optimisation.