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Creating custom WordPress block themes.

Freelance WordPress developer helping Web agencies create fast and intuitive WordPress block themes.

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Block theme

From September 2022 I now exclusively build WordPress block themes over classic ones. Removing a plethora PHP code and creating a native and seamless experience for your editors. What's more, the development workflow is far more streamlined.


Arguably most time developing a WordPress theme is spent styling. Tailwind drastically reduces development time and CSS code, only including what's strictly required to mirror your designs.

Just JavaScript

Although jQuery has helped in abudance over the last decade, it's not really needed anymore. JavaScript harnessing a singleton pattern is normally more than enough. I only use libraries when completely necessary.

No plugins

With embracing the block theme approach I no longer require ACF Pro or any other intial plugins to get up and running. All code is entirely native and plugins are only used when needed.

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